Friday 17 November 2023


Though I have not been playing so many wargames of late, I did start another project that had interested me for a while - Pirates!

Although very much in the realms of 'movie' pirates, I have built up a fair collection already, including a few buildings via LAF and three small ships/boats.

I have two large (borderline fantasy) ships that need painting, plus a whole load of civilians to populate the town.

A few pictures of the progress...

Captain Jack Daniels and Crew


A Hasty Exit!

The Ship is On Fire!

The Gibbet

Governors Cronies 

The Governor

The Mansion

Market Stall

Mermaid Inn

Santa Pina Colada Street

Santa Pina Colada Main Square

Lots more Pirates to show on another post...


Friday 10 November 2023

SELWG 2023 - What a Cowboy!

So this year at SELWG, Robafett, Andrew and I ran a cowboy participation game using the TFL What a Cowboy set of rules. We had played a few games using these (including a variation with Star Wars figures) and decided to plan a large town based game.

Robafett already has a load of figures painted so spent a lot of time finishing off and painting some buildings for the town. I worked on the presentation aspect, such as character sheets, activation cards and general promo stuff.

On the day we managed to squeeze in three games, initially with four players as the escaping criminals and our chum Gary playing the Sheriff. Everyone else was technically an NPC. In the next two games we were able to press gang a couple more friends into running the other two deputies - at times we had nearly ten people playing criminals, the law, random henchmen groups and even a few 'have a go hero' types from the good citizens of the town!

By all accounts it went down really well - a couple of players even went an bought a copy of the rules after playing!

So, here are a few pictures from our (League of Gentlemen Cowboys) "Escape from Distraction" game at SELWG on Sunday. Thanks to everyone that popped by to have a chat and especially to those that joined us for a game! Over the course of the three gunfights we saw Sheriff Lynott go to boot hill in the second turn, one lad crushed by some angry cows and the leader of the "Crazy Gun" Gang (Hal Gorham) steal a horse and ride out of town trying to shoot his buddy "Longhorn" Bob on the way to save him from the noose! Great fun and thanks to everyone for getting into the spirit of it! 

Thanks to Robert AffectionAndrew HuntGary GuyLance Bennett and Mr C. for the pics and Gordon Richards for the use of the character sheet he created and I modified for the game.