Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Pulp Patrons - Supporting Cast.

A Pulp Hero is always in need of support, advice and indeed, an employer. Next up is a small selection of patrons, professors, allies and associates...

Doctor Milos Hartman, Professor Angus Irwin, Rick Malone, Tomasini Gasparetti, Doctor Wilfred Faulkner and Inspector Jasper Rhodes.

Professor Ackroyd of Arkham University.

The Nanny, Mayor Phelps and his young daughter Lucy.

Miss Sharp, canny reporter.

Miss Penny, canny investigator.

The Nunnery. Despite appearances, not all can be trusted...

The Good Reverend John Henton-Smullett and Mother Superior Mary.

Jenkins the Gamekeeper, Father Doyle and Sir Archibald Cathcart-Marchbanks.

A Cheap Magic Act...

The local gendarmerie, ready for action...or to look the other way...

Figures are a mix of manufacturers including Artizan, Footstore, RAFM, Redoubt, Victory Force, Warlord Games, Woodbine Design and of course Pulp Figures. Painted by me, Matt Slade and Dags.

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Simon Quinton said...

Cracking work on them all!