Monday, 17 December 2018


A very small pet project I first thought of back in 2012 and finally got around to...Tintin!

Apparently there looks to be another film on the way but it is a good few years off yet.

So, here we have Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus speeding to their next adventure in an open top saloon...

...hotly followed by incompetent detectives Thomson and Thompson!

Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock.

Tintin and his trusty companions Snowy, the Captain and Prof. Calculus.

A mixture of manufacturers! The alternate 'Nosey Youth' version is from the 1st Corps 20th Century Follies range that has some great pulpy style stuff in it including a variety of vehicles and some very cool motorcycles.

No idea of rules but I am thinking the obvious would be Pulp Alley?

Maybe I will get to play a "Tintin Meets Call of Cthulhu" game after all?

Monday, 3 December 2018

Plup Alley - The Cast: "The Bad Guys"

Next up, some "Bad Guys".

Nothing says 'bad guy' quite like a bunch of nefarious Nazis...

Doktor Drechsler and the Legion Teufelskopf -

Mueller, Oberg, Drechsler, Moser, Lemke

Fuchs, Ehrenberg, Konrad, Leck, Graf

Schmidt, de Boor, Maus, Vetter, Juttner 
The Dark International Assassins League (D.I.A.L.) -

The Dark Arts -

At this stage only the Doktor and his troops have been written up as a League for Pulp Alley.

Figures are Pulp Figures, North Star, Copplestone, RAFM and Artizan. Painting by Dags, Matt Slade and myself.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Pulp Alley - The Cast: "The Good Guys"

First up are a selection of "good guys" (of course this is open to interpretation...)

Captain Buzz Barclay and The High Flyers - 

"Sparks" O'Leary, Patch, "Doc" McKinnley, Sally, Buzz
Sir Alfie Harrington and Lieutenant Jack "J.C." Carter -

Sir Alfred, "J.C."

The Sky Pirates -

Dashing Adventurers and Daring Explorers -

Pulp Heroes and Heroines -

Only Captain Buzz and the gang have been written up as a Pulp Alley League so far but I now have plenty of options for other Leagues!

Figures are by Pulp Figures, Statuesque, Copplestone and Artizan. Painted by Dags, Matt Slade and myself.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mad Dogs With Guns - The Cops.

Here we have the long suffering Police Department of Paradise, Illinois.

Chief of Police Ryan O'Healy and several well armed members of the Central Precinct Police force...

Chief of Police Ryan O'Healy, flanked by Detective Max Kane, Captain Jerry Lafferty, Captain Paul Hodge and Captain Enoch Cohen...

As the violence on the streets increases, more desperate measures are sought out...

Figures are a mix of Copplestone, Pulp Figures and Great Escape Games.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Mad Dogs With Guns - The Citizens of Paradise City.

Say hello to the Citizens of Paradise, Illinois. The movers, shakers and average schmuck in the street.

First up, The Mayor "Hizzhonor" Joseph Horatio Gunther III with his wife Mabel and the newly appointed Judge Horace Caplan. Pictured outside the Mayors country residence in Cedar Hill, Donnybrook House...

Head Councilman Willard H. Wright and his wife Ellie-May...

A press conference held outside the offices of the Downtown Central Precinct. Head Councilman Willard H. Wright is joined by Chief of Police Ryan O'Healy as they await the arrival of Hizzhonor The Mayor...

Mayor J.H. Gunther III with Councilman Wright and Chief of Police O'Healy shorty after the announcement of increased Police funding and presence in the neighbourhood. Judges Caplan, Kessler and Whitlock can be seen in the background, joining in an unprecedented show of unity in the City Government...(pictures by Paradise Times-Dispatch correspondent James Martine) 

Staged photograph of the upcoming bout between Shawn "The Brawn" Horne and Don "Moxie" Skinner to be held at the Paradise Arena in Riverside...


Some of the leaders, citizens and potential victims of Paradise City.

The Paradise Bearcats, with Biff Holman on sax, Marvin Bobb on double bass, Chick Bose on trumpet and Wingy Malone on clarinet. Pollyanna Randall joins them on vocals....

Mrs. Doherty is not a fan of door to door salesmen...

Doc Whiteman, Paradise banker Ronald Riffenberg and his 'assistant' Micky Murphy...

Local butcher Evan Jones and truck driver Danny Krankovitch...

Some of the hard working folk of Paradise...

Old Mrs. Craddock and her great-niece Mabel...

Mavis Kelly loading Pa's shotgun whilst Betty Flatt and son little Jimmy look on...

Group shots of some of the other citizens from all walks of life...

Figures by Copplestone, Artizan, Footsore, Pulp Figures, Bad Squiddo, Wargames Foundry and Woodbine Design. Painted by me, Matt Slade and Dags.