Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lankhmar - Into the City.

Date: Day of the Hare. The month of the Murderer's Moon in the summer season of the Year of the Feathered Death in the Era of Heat: 

Late Morning on The Eel Run

  • Retiring from the ambush the Sulaco returns down river for a stretch then turns back on a different route.  The corner to the adjoining river is sharp and Muddy points out an undefined silhouette passing over the ridge line of the intervening arm of land.  Blab remembers what he saw up the mast and tells everyone it is a Shadow Hound.  No one knows what a Shadow Hound is and Blab refuses to elaborate.
  • As they pass the mouth of Fin Creek and enter the Moat Muddy notes that the river here is a little dank, under coloured as if affected by something.  Blab and Gideon show a lack of interest and push on quickly.
  • The crew head up the Moat and into their hidden tunnel.  As they pass along the dark tunnel they hear a splash as of something moving the entrance covering to gain access but nothing is actually seen.
  • Blab has the idea of putting a coracle on a rope with a light behind the Sulaco to see anything following them but to no avail.
  • The normally fast current seems sluggish and everyone notices the salty smell as they moor even though in a freshwater stretch of water.
  • Blab  scouts up into the city checking out the street and returns with some priest-like robes.
  • Blab and Gideon go check on Pecan and his family getting the usual tongue-lashing from Gideon's sister Herisent. 
  • Without gathering any local information they formulate a plan whereby Gideon and Jacktar would venture forth first, keeping to the main roads and Defoe and Blab would follow up, Blab having the box and presumed target. 
  • The first group head out wearing the robes and move along Carter Street toward the intersection with the Street of Gods.  They are soon spotted and in turn spot three separated 'figures'  They appear hunched yet stand over 6½' tall and seem to carry a considerable bulk under their cowls.
  • Gideon and Jacktar nip into the nearest alley and two of the figures move to follow showing that they each carry long staffs covered in rags.
  • Gideon and Jacktar double back and Defoe moves to support them meanwhile Blab rushes past.
  • Defoe follows the figures back to a new temple building on the Street of Gods which all the figures and some from the over direction enter.  Gideon and Jacktar catch up and all three go on to the House of Mellor to find Blab.
  • The four meet up and empty box (it held something called 'The Frenzy Bone') or not they demand the remainder of their fee.  Teastin says he will be happy to pay it when Peak arrives and can verify the deal. 
  • Its late evening, the sun has disappeared and the temple crowds are slowly dwindling...

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