Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fantascene - Pretty Girls Make Graves?

Looking for some terrain pieces on the web I recently came across a new firm called Fantascene and liked a few bits so I thought I would buy a test piece. They are a UK based family firm and have a very nice home grown feel to their products.

It a different gravey.

I settled on the 'Scabby Graves' from the Gothic / Graveyard selection. I must say I am very impressed. On many of the models you have the opportunity to get them painted for a few quid extra, so being the lazy git I am, I decided to try this out.

Insert amusing / offensive comment here...

As you can see, the result was pretty damn good! Delivery was quick and the items were well packed. Best of all they can go straight onto the table and would fit several different genres - all for £7.00+p&p. Great value.

Ruined Temple (pic from Fantascene).

The range is fairly good already and hopefully will expand and so far includes (among other things) an excellent looking 'Jungle Pyramid', a 'Spooky Church', a barrow mound, a selection of sandbag emplacements, a wall set, plinths and monuments and a Gothic mausoleum.

Jungle Pyramid (pic from Fantascene).

I highly recommend these guys - check them out


Chris said...

Oh good grief! This is all I need. Now I've gone and bought the gravestone set and paid the extra for painting. Why on earth did I decide to check my blog feed this afternoon? I blame you, sir!

(Translation: Thanks for the tip! Their stuff looks great and I was needing a graveyard for a scenario I've got planned. Nice one!)

wardy-la said...

Lol :) I will be interested to see what scenario you use them in, sounds good.

I have used mine already in a Dark Ages (SAGA) game - nice little scenery piece. I am tempted with some of the other gothic looking stuff too but must resist after my "ooh shiny" moments at SALUTE!

Chris said...

One thing that reassured me was that your picture of the final product was a very close match to what was pictured on their website. That's good to know. Plus a set of gravestones, painted, for under £10 is not bad at all in my book.

I'm sure they will get used in lots of scenarios (after all, any wargame table is improved by the addition of a graveyard!), but the pruchase was prompted by a Doctor Who scenario I'm working on.