Sunday, 29 July 2012

More Oldhammer.

Desperately clutching to the coat-tails of some more galvanised 'Oldhammer' supporters I thought I would make a quick post to add my tuppence to the movement!

Here are a few links to the movers and shakers of this small but growing movement -

The Oldhammer Blogspot.

Erny's Place with the Oldhammer Fanzine.

Gaj's Oldhammer Vintage Rally.

The Oldhammer Player Registry.

Orcs Drift over at Somewhere the Teas Getting Cold.

Realm of Chaos 80's style.

Skarsnik and Old Lead's Oldhammer Opponent Finder.

Zhu's Oldhammer T-shirts! - which I highly recommend!

Zhu's T-shirts.

On a side note, I was able to help Gaj over at Warhammer For Adults in his almightly quest for the original figures from the Games Workshop scenario "Terror of the Lichemaster". I was able to assist by giving Gaj my Corabell and John-Boy figures that I had recently unearthed.

Lorabeth, Corabell, John-Boy and Willy.

He is getting really close now to achieving this collection with only Heinrich Kemler, the Lichemaster himself, to go! Keep your eyes open for Gaj folks.


By way of thanks Gaj picked up that I am regretting selling of some of my old Citadel C17 and C18 undead and kindly sent the above to me. I have always been after the chap with the brown robe (stretching his right arm out) and must say I was over the moon to find him lurking in the goodies Gaj sent. Cheers Gaj!

The obligatory Oldhammer T-shirt shot!

I also picked up one of Zhu's Oldhammer T-shirts and I must say I am really pleased. Good quality shirt and nice clear print. The delivery was super quick too and you get all this for a bargain £14.00!


Erny said...

Good summary. Nice skellies!

Weazil the Wise said...

Again, Mr Wardy-La, I express my gratitude. Thanks for mentioning the quest and compelling the whole internet to get me my man.

Also, thrilled that the quest is nearly over - thanks to you again for your help.

Finally, it feels prudent to recommend that you include Orlygg's blog - he was the chap that really galvanised the 'movement' that we see today, by simply posing the question - are we a 'movement'?

Also, as a complete aside, he doesn't appear to live that far away from you...