Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wild West - Gang Fight at Duel End.

A few pics from our recent Wild West game hosted by Rob. Check out the full battle report at On the Streets of Inconsequence.

The Town of Duel End.
Duel End took its name from the two opposing Saloons at either end of Main. The Story goes that the Stepperton Brothers came to town to start a Saloon together but had a falling out over both the location and style of the content. The falling out was at first amenable with the brothers deciding simply to build their two Saloons and encourage the town to grow between them which it has even to the extent of taking its name from its duel ends. Stephen built the Rising Glory on The Risings and Jed The Tight End on Narrow Beach.

At first the town was a flourishing mining community and then it was believed that the railroad would come this way but instead it went two valleys over yonder and so the town went into a decline. With the decline the competition has become more aggressive and the two brothers feud more vehement, hiring in local gunmen as bodyguards and Jed even extorting a protection fee from the buildings closest and amongst some of the local claims.

It was about this time that George F Hope came into town. He'd been a deputy in Bledsoe and was looking to make a mark for himself, here he thought would be that place and so he went to work trying to bring a little peace and justice to the area even running as and being elected at Duel End's first Sheriff. He and a few deputies keep the centre of town fairly well policed and the local extortion racket has be quelled but the two brothers still make their presence felt outside of town where their bully boys can ride free and the sheriff has no real authority.

Mr & Mrs Dannals and young'un Toby.

A discussion opposite the Sheriffs office...

The Tight End Gang gather.

Deputies Pepper & Heinz outside the Jailhouse.

The Tight End Gang borrow a cart.

Deputy Holden calls out 'Methane' Franks.

The Tight End Gang and their novel 'tank'.

Deputy Duffy sneaks up on outlaw Rosie Thorn.

Hired gun Craw takes a gut shot and falls from the balcony.

Figures, terrain and buildings all owned and painted by Rob.

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