Saturday, 14 September 2013

Werewolves & Ogre.

A couple of miniatures I have had for an eternity but finally got around to painting...

First up, a couple of mighty Werewolves from Reaper miniatures. These are both lovely models, full of character and animation. I am sure I can squeeze them into many settings!

Above is the "Male Werewolf" by James van Schaik. A really lovely figure and, in my opinion, one of the best Werewolf sculpts on the market. A pleasure to paint, basically several layers of drybrushed greys.

This is "Jean Paul Duchamps, Werewolf" by Ben Siens. Another great figure but as I have mentioned before, the right arm was a bit of a devil to fit and it took plenty of green stuff and superglue until I was happy with it.

Next, the excellent 'Ogre Bodyguard' for Mordheim.

Well, it only took me a year to finish the base on this chap and it was hardly the most complicated thing but hey, I got there eventually.

Ogre Bodyguards

80 gold crowns to hire +30 gold crowns upkeep

Ogres are large, brutish creatures, standing some ten feet tall, and all of it bone and muscle. For this reason they are much in demand as bodyguards and mercenaries, despite their lack of brains. A warband backed up by an Ogre makes a fearsome enemy, since Ogres are extremely dangerous fighters and a terrifying sight to behold when enraged. They happily accept any employer, as they are notoriously unbothered about who they fight for.May be Hired: Any warband except Skaven may hire an Ogre Bodyguard.
Rating: An Ogre Bodyguard increases the warband’s rating by +25 points, plus 1 point for each Experience point he has.

Weapons/Armor: Either two swords, axes or clubs (or any mix of them), or a double-handed weapon (you may choose which). Ogres wear light armor.
Skills: An Ogre may choose from Combat and Strength skills when he gains new skills.
Special Rules:

  • Fear: Ogres are large, threatening creatures that cause fear. See the Psychology section for details.
  • Large Target: Ogres are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.

Figures are from Reaper and the 'Evil Empire'.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on them all. I really like the Mordhiem ogre it has that look about it of the classic citadel ones.

wardy-la said...

Thanks Simon. I picked him up for general fantasy games but with Mordheim in mind. Though I was always a fan of Warhammer up to the 3rd edition, I have never played Mordheim but hope to in the not to distant future!