Wednesday, 11 June 2014

7TV - Good Guys vs Bad Guys.

A few more additions to the cast for 7TV...

Det. Roy Adkins, Sgt Finney, WPC Bentley and 'Bobbies' 

Von Polhmann and his minions pose for a family photo.

Dr. Eckhart and his team.

Orange Jumpsuited Minions.

Father Jimmy O'Dea.

Top photographic journo Don Donovan.

Von Polhmann and his staff.

Minions and transport led by the 'heavy for hire' Pugh.

Doctor Wei Mao and the science team.

Figures are Artizan, Black Cat Bases, Copplestone, Crooked Dice and Killer B Games. Vehicles are Corgi.


private w. said...

What a great looking cast with some great Corgi rides! I look forward to catching a episode or two of your 7TV!

Simon Quinton said...

What excellent looking casts both Villainous and heroic!

Allison M. said...

I love that they made "Life on Mars" miniatures. And that you used Gene and Ray here.