Wednesday, 9 July 2014


One of my plans for this year was to concentrate on buildings and terrain. I have been making some progress, more so with purchases to be honest, but I have a few buildings just finished. All are mdf, from Warbases and Sarissa. Love this stuff, you can add plenty more to these if you are so inclined (or better at modelling than me anyway...) but I am happy enough with the result from the kits and a splash or two of paint.

First up the Warbases Church. They were one of the first companies to release an mdf 'English' church and I actually bought this about three years ago!

Lots of greys for the outside - admittedly the look is a little 'blocky' and had I thought more about it I may have put some embossed plastic sheet on the walls. I didn't bother with the solid window inserts.

The roof is the classic 'cardboard slates' look with several dry brushed layers. Quite pleased with how this turned out. For a bit of fun I put some old Dungeon Floor Plans and a couple of internal doors (spares from a 4Ground set) on the inside and it adds a bit of character.

Next is the Sarissa Warehouse / Pump Station. A really simple but nice model - the card window inserts really finish off the look.

The roof is a couple of coats of greys, the walls are Army Painter Desert Yellow, muddied up a bit to try and get that London Brick Yellow look.

For the inside I didn't worry too much about internal detail but did give the walls a basic light grey coat and painted up the 'pump-engine-contraption-thingamy' that comes with the kit.

Lastly is another Warbases kit I bought a few years back that has just sat gathering dust. The kit is pretty basic but you can add as much detail as you wish. It comes with a whole stack of off cuts etc to add as debris.

I covered the first floor with cut and broken coffee stirrers for floorboards. The roofing is embossed plastic sheet from Antenociti.

I put a little more internal detail into this but rather than fill with permanent debris (I want to this to be game friendly) I built up several removable 'rubble' piles. The paintwork was an easy mix of reds, brown, greys etc and some black 'smoke' effects! The ground floor base was just coated with a generous layer of Plasticote textured spray paint.

Still to finish (amongst many others...) are three more Warbases Terraced buildings - getting there, slowly.

More work in progress includes a Corner Pub, a Warehouse, a Radar Station and Terraced buildings by Sarissa, some Plasticville bits, a set of Dust Tactics Quonset Huts, an Ainsty Guard Hut and a host of small scenery and vehicles. Phew!

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