Monday, 16 March 2015

7th Voyage - Shrine of the Beastmen.

Robafett and I got together for an impromptu game of 7th Voyage. I threw some terrain onto the table (mainly stuff I have bought for Pulp Alley games) and dug out my old Beastmen whilst Rob brought out his lovely Sinbad and crew.

The Cast:

Sinbad & His Crew - 

Sinbad (Star - adventurer, sailor, pirate)
Zhazza (Guest Star - enchanting beauty)
Hassan (Co-Star - Brother in Arms)
Kassim (Veteran)
Harufa (Veteran)
Rachid (Veteran)
Achmed (Veteran)
Omar (Veteran)
'The Djinn'

The Beastmen - 

Colossa the Cyclops
Morghur (Leader)
Beastmen x6
Wolves x3

Location / Setting - 

An ancient ruined shrine somewhere near Mount Yaddith-Gho.

The Game - 

We join brave Sinbad and his crew as they move through the 'Skull Gate', the grotesque entrance to the Shrine of the Beastmen. Their task is to explore the ruins, not seen by man for hundreds of years (at least none that returned...) and seek out the fabled 'Plaque of Destiny' within.

Deep in the old shrine, foul, plague ridden beastmen wait. They will not tolerate this unwanted intrusion in their sacred place...

Another great game of 7th Voyage. Lots of 'Hero' types and a little bit of magic. Rob's Leadership trait (and extra activations) proved the real difference here but his perfect placement of the Djinn to my main beasty (the cyclops) distracted out of the action for the whole game. He may well have reeked havoc against the crew...if he could have just got away from the powerful Djinn!

"From a land beyond beyond, 
From a world past hope and fear,
I bid you genie, now appear!"


Ant Master said...

Looks excellent, funny you should raise you beast men, my old plastics have just made their way out of the shed and are tempting me to finish them off.

Gordon Richards said...

Brilliant. Big fan of 7th Voyage! Nice to see someone else doing comic battle reports...they really work well for these more narrative skirmish games. Fab terrain and minis, too!

Lee Brady said...

Super stuff! Looks like a really enjoyable game and a great way to get some old figures out!