Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Doctor Who - The Terror at Devils Bay: The Scenario.


Some time in the 1970's.

UNIT Deep Sea Research Facility 7, Kearvaig Bay, Scotland.

The Cast:

The Doctor & UNIT Allies.

You are the Doctor. You currently find yourself on a remote part of the Scottish coastline in a small UNIT science / military base at Kearvaig Bay. After foiling the nefarious plans of The Master for the umpteenth time (and returning him to his prison cell at Scarock Castle) you have taken a vital component from his TARDIS to the scientist team at the base to assist them with their deep sea probe experiments. Unfortunately, Professor Urqhart has been having issues with his latest work and a prototype probe has disappeared at sea. Looks like the Professor and UNIT will need the Doctor and Liz to stick around a while longer...

The 3rd Doctor
Liz Shaw
Professor Henry Urqhart (Chief Scientist)
Miss Lympkiss (Administrator)
Doctor Allen (Scientist)
Doctor James (Scientist)
Doctor Marks (Scientist)
Tech Grealish (Technician)
Tech Howe (Technician)

Sergeant John Benton
Sergeant Bob Affection
Pvt. Dickenson (rifle)
Pvt. Harris (rifle)
Pvt. Murray (rifle)
Pvt. Smith (rifle)
Pvt. Burr (smg)
Pvt. Stratton (smg)
Pvt. McBrain (smg)
Pvt. Joey (smg)

The Master.

You are The Master. You have just escaped from the UNIT prison at Scarock Castle (for the third time...the guards are so easy to hypnotise) but that scoundrel The Doctor has taken a key component to your TARDIS and hidden it in one of the buildings at a small UNIT science / military facility somewhere along the Scottish coast. Unbeknownst to the UNIT personnel there, the work of the scientists at the base has upset some of the 'local sealife' and with the promise of great power (and revenge) you have persuaded a group of Sea Devils to attack the base. Of course, it is just a distraction to draw UNIT away whilst you search for your missing piece of equipment...

The Master
2x Sea Devil Sub-Commanders
8x Sea Devils


The Master begins the game within the UNIT compound. He makes hidden movements until spotted by one of the UNIT personnel on an INT roll.

The building with the red roof is the main science and repairs bay. The Doctor / scientists can also use one of the three mobile technical platforms to modify for Inventions.

Sgt. Affection has Leader (1). Miss Lympkiss has Leader (2). Scientists have Invent, Repair and Fear Aliens. Technicians have Repair and Fear Aliens. 

Although Miss Lympkiss is the Administrator for the base, her Leadership can only be used on the two Technicians.

Due to the highly sensitive and very expensive equipment at the base, the UNIT troop contingent carry no grenades.

All Sea Devils wear body armour. The Sea Devil Sub-Commanders have Leader (1).



Mallius Vane said...

Wonderful table and minis. The Sea Devils is a particular favourite of mine! Looking forward to the seeing more!

wardy-la said...

Thanks Gordon. It was a great game, took loads of pics but need to write it up now :-)

Lee said...

Good stuff, that scenario will hopefully be making it to my gaming table soon as well...!

Blaxkleric said...

Cracking stuff. Wonderful painting on your figures too. Looking forward to seeing the BatRep - delighted to be following :-)

Jason said...

The board looks great. Looking forward to reading the AAR.