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7TV2 - The Spy Who Bit Me.

(From the 7TV Adaptation. Episode 1.)


The Organisation has received details of a 'data film' of a new experimental nuclear submarine tracking device being sold on the black market. Agent Jimmy Bind has been sent (reluctantly, but in the interests of diplomacy) with his Russian equivalent, Agent Anna Lotsmorov, to find the Seller and obtain this information.

At the same time, a rival Agent, the mandible modified Manbrace, with armed backup, has arrived to retrieve the data that has been stolen from them.

We join our our Agents as they search for the Seller in a old Egyptian souk where he is rumoured to be.

Alerted, the Seller tries to make a run for it...

The Setting / Location:

An old Egyptian souk. Very quiet as it is not market day...

A handful of locals chat and tell tales.

The Cast:

Agent James Bind (aka JB)
Agent Anna Lotsmorov (Rated Triple X)

Commander Crane (Pistol)
Minion White (Rifle)
Minion Karlo (Rifle)
Minion Dent (SMG)
Minion Labrosse (SMG)

The Seller

The Story:

A dirty old van pulls up to the side entrance of the souk.

Meanwhile, across the way, another altogether different vehicle pulls up at the main entrance.

Two ace spies, forced together by circumstance, slowly climb out of the car and draw their pistols.

A small group of red boiler suit clad minions, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, clamber out of the van...followed by a huge beast of a man, armed with 'teeth'.

At this point, neither group are aware of each other. Both seek out the target.

Manbrace and his men enter the souk and begin to spread out.

JB and Agent Anna enter through the main entrance, then split up to cover more ground.

Manbrace spots the Seller, who immediately begins to flee!

JB notices the brightly suited, armed men and guesses they are not there to help. He takes position behind some boxes...

...takes aim...

...and the first minion (Dent) drops to the ground clutching his chest! Minion White takes a defensive position by the doorway.

Manbrace gives chase to the fleeing Seller as Commander Crane orders Minion Karlo and Minion Labrosse into the main hall.

Agent Anna has taken a different route through the souk and readies herself as she hears the gunfire from nearby.

Manbrace lurches around the corner but is not aware of Agent Anna hidden in the next room.

Meanwhile, Minion White exchanges fire with JB as Minion Karlo moves to back him up.

Manbrace is shocked as he almost catches the Seller...

...only to see him fall flat on his face in front of him! Agent Anna steps from the shadows (having tripped the Seller) and she begins to level her pistol.

Manbrace charges the slight framed and elegantly dressed woman...

...but he had severely underestimated the skill of this beauty and is knocked to the gound!

Agent Anna secures the stunned Seller before Manbrace can recover.

Elsewhere the expert shooting ability of JB is taking its toll on the poorly trained minions.

Minion White is next to fall.

Minion Karlo takes it upon himself to sort this problem out and charges into brutal hand to hand combat.

Suddenly a burst of SMG fire opens up from the room behind him and several shots take the startled man down!

Commander Crane orders Minion Labrosse to open fire at the tussling Agent and Minion Karlo, which he does obligingly...unlucky for Minion Karlo! The Agent, of course, still stands, not a scratch on him or a speck of dust/blood on his finely pressed shirt.

The snivelling Commander Crane decides discretion is the better part of valour. Surrounded by bodies and with the mission a failure he orders Minion Labrosse to flee.

Manbrace recovers just in time to see Agent Anna shoving the Seller through a window. She quickly follows. The big man is never going to get through that!

A local shouts at Agent Anna as she jumps through the small window "HEY! Wha' yu doin' laydee?"

He slips back to his friends as she flashes him a wry smile and her Beretta 950 Minx (cough).

The minions hastily retreat to their vehicle...

...followed by a less than happy Manbrace.

Agent Anna and JB meet up outside the souk.

"So, where's the Seller then, Lotsmorov?"

"Sadly, Mr. Bind, he got away..."

"Did he now...did he really..."



James Bind / JB - Rodger Less
Agent Anna Lotsmorov - Babs Mozart

Manbrace - Dicky Keel
Commander Crane - Reed Milton
Minion White - Allen Irvin
Minion Karlo - Adam Yasher
Minion Labrosse - Renny Labin
Minion Dent - Pete Enshaw

The Seller - Nadim Swallow

Produced & Directed by Robafett.


Production Notes:
This is a slightly re-edited television adaptation of the classic spy thriller "The Spy Who Bit Me" from the studios of 7TV. Master tapes from several years ago have recently been re-discovered and diligently restored leading to slightly different versions being available.

Roger Less, in his third spot as the suave, flamboyant Super Spy, gives a smooth and assured, if not particularly nuanced performance, and worked well with his co-star Babs Mozart, the former model and wife of Stingo Parr, the ex-drummer of the beat combo band The Purly Yellows.

The huge Dicky Keel puts in a marvellous, if somewhat unnerving performance in the first outing of the much loved anti-hero Manbrace. Later tales sometimes used the character in a slightly more comedic role, maybe lessening his intimidating nature but bringing Dicky many fans that he always took time to appreciate.


All figures and terrain from the collection of Robafett. Figures by Crooked Dice, Killer B Games and Blue Moon Miniatures. Souk is by Sally 4th. Vehicles are from the James Bond diecast range.

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