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7TV2 - The Guardians: Episode 1 - The Assassination Affair.

A 7TV2 game.

The Guardians - Episode 1: "The Assassination Affair".

Following a series of threats and a previous attempt on the Prime Ministers life, the 'Powers That Be' have now decided that it would be safer to move him to a remote location whilst the issue is fully investigated. A plan is drawn up to send a small protection contingent with him, led by Detective Inspector Dawn Anderson.

The authorities have now called in the assistance of Captain Sterling Templeman, the best agent for the secretive, multi-national law-enforcement organisation known as 'The Guardians'.

The Setting / Location: 

The Riverside Keep Hotel, somewhere in the New Forest.

The Cast:

The Prime Minister
'Friends' of the Prime Minister -

Captain Sterling Templeman (of 'The Guardians')
Detective Inspector Dawn Anderson
Carter McCann (Bodyguard to the PM)
PC Henshaw
PC Fletcher (K-9 Support Unit)
Columbo (Police Dog)

Alexandra Krycek aka Special Operative 9 (Double Agent)
Govinda (Lackey)
Lazyeye the Assassin (Hitman)
Nina (Daughter of Shiva)
Sidney Breakspear the Driver (Minion)

Episode 1: "The Assassination Affair".

The Prime Minister and his entourage arrive at the "safe house", the Riverside Keep Hotel. Things seem unusually quiet...

Captain Templeman immediately asserts his authority. His first act is to send in PC Fletcher and his dog Columbo to check out the hotel.

A wise move. Unbeknown to the newly arrived party, other sinister forces have already been at work. Sneaking around in the hotel gardens are several Agents of SHIVA, they have been tasked with exterminating the troublesome PM.

The notorious assassin "Lazyeye" and his lackey Govinda lurk near the side entrance to the hotel.

Across the way, dressed in a resplendent red evening gown, SHIVA double agent Alexandra Krycek, aka Special Operative 9, searches for another way in.

This nefarious group is rounded out by Nina, a young, untested Daughter of SHIVA, and the groups driver and all round general old school thug Sidney Breakspear.

Satisfied the main hall is safe, Captain Templeman sends the party in, the PM with his ex special forces bodyguard Carter McCann and the ever capable Detective Inspector Dawn Anderson.

The group are sent upstairs led by PC Henshaw. Trixabel is requested by the PM to provide him with some 'company' while he waits upstairs.

Captain Templeman checks the party are safely inside. Fifi, having taken a fancy to the dashing agent, loiters around outside trying to get his attention.

Lazyeye and Govinda silently scamper across the hotel driveway to the side entrance on the east wing of the hotel building.

DI Anderson is the next to make her way upstairs to secure a room for the PM.

Meanwhile, outside, Breakspear climbs the courtyard wall, with some difficulty it must be said. He then walks slowly towards a rear entrance. He is followed by the very sprightly Nina.

Trying his best to keep up with the superfit ninja is no mean feat for an old fella like Sidney. Of course he is not up to the task and slips over rather unceremoniously and sprains his ankle...

The more capable Lazyeye and Govinda make their way through the lower rooms of the east wing of the hotel. They carefully look through the small door linking it to the main hotel.

Back at the front of the hotel, Captain Templeman, ever the gentleman and unmoved by Fifi's attentions, gently ushers her into the hotel foyer with the others.

Trixabel decides to have a little snoop around the posh hotel for herself. "How come there's no furniture?" she queries. PC Henshaw stands dutifully on the landing.

DI Anderson leads the PM to the top floor of the hotel and encourages him to stay in his room until told it is safe.

The PM casually lights a big fat cigar asking where his "young fillies" have got to. Anderson sighs.

Indeed, where have they got to? Fifi has also developed a strange wanderlust and has found herself in the ballroom of the hotel. She glances through a door in the corner of the room.

"Who's that???" she gasps.

Lily, the third of the PM's friends, the eldest and sassy as ever, has discovered the back door and begins to head out for a quick ciggie. She has unfortunately not spotted the merciless Nina lurking outside...

For reasons known only to himself, in a spurt of intense alpha male machismo, Captain Templeman decides to climb through a nearby open window into the kitchen block. He doesn't break either a sweat or a piece of crockery.

As Carter McCann climbs the stairway, he instructs PC Fletcher to wait in the main foyer with Columbo. The obedient dog takes position. PC Fletcher takes a load off his feet and sits down at the reception desk. He doses off unaware of the carnage that is about to take place in the next room.

Nina athletically leaps through the door as poor Lily opens it...

...the poor woman never gets to smoke that last cigarette.

Back in the ballroom, Lazyeye shouts at Govinda to "deal with the girl". Which he obligingly does without question. Poor Fifi.

Krycek has made slow progress across the courtyard. That damn evening dress.

She swings open the door to the kitchen block and walks straight into the quick reflexes of Captain Templeman and his handgun! He is not swayed by her stunning beauty or sublime dress sense.

Hearing the shot, Nina jumps back outside to see Krycek on the ground. Breakspear still rolls around on the floor with a sprained ankle. She deftly ducks back into the hotel with the mission remaining the focus.

Govinda has also hit his own problems. Columbo, having smelled a rat darts into the adjoining ballroom...

...and leaps savagely at the startled lackey!

With the alarm raised, Carter draws his pistol and instructs PC Henshaw to prepare himself.

DI Anderson bundles the wittering PM into his room and makes her way back down the landing to the stairs.

The fight is brutal but Govinda is able to level his machine gun at the devoted canine and lets rip with a burst of lead. Columbo lets out a yelp and falls to the shiny ballroom floor in a heap.

Meanwhile, Lazyeye has made his way out to the courtyard area...

...he spots the heroic Captain lying in wait and expertly raises his (as yet unfired) rifle...

...but his reactions are not as quick as Captain Templeman. Living up to his reputation, the Guardian's 'best' agent fires one shot and drops the assassin dead where he stands.

With the target the only thing on her mind, Nina stealthily moves into the foyer, sneaking up on PC Fletcher who is only just waking up from his 40 winks due to all the comotion.

She cuts him down before he can even stand.

The youth and inexperience of the young Daughter shows. She has not noticed the two men on the landing above her...

...and Carter, incensed by the cruel slaughter of the police officer, opens up with his service pistol and plugs her in the back. She never knew what hit her.

Captain Templemen strolls out into the courtyard and spots old Breakspear writhing about on the ground.

"You're under arrest Breakie". Templeman claps the minion in handcuffs.

The last man standing is Govinda.

He quickly makes for the stairs...

...also not aware (at first) that Carter McCann and PC Henshaw are just above him. He spots the body of Nina and pauses and the foot of the stairway.

The two look down and spot Govinda as he approaches the stairs...

...and Carter fires a couple of poorly aimed shots at the lone lackey.

Govinda realises the game is up and flees the hotel through the main entrance. A brief attempt to break into the posh sports car outside fails... he high tails it on foot into the forest, making his escape.



Captain Sterling Templeman - Damon Stuart
Detective Inspector Dawn Anderson - Jasmine Lord
The Prime Minister - Arthur George
Carter McCann - Dennis Waterfall
Alexandra Krycek aka Special Operative 9 - Karon Dors
Lazyeye the Assassin - Robin Andrewson
PC Henshaw - Tommy Tompkinson
PC Fletcher - Stephen Jonty
Columbo - Himself
Govinda - Jeffery Saeed
Nina - Kiki Markham
Sidney Breakspear - Allan Tony
Fifi - Sally Knivette
Trixabel - Carol Drinkwine
Lily - Sandy Micecliff


Production Notes:
The opening episode of the new 7TV series "The Guardians", the Nestor Montague penned show gave ample opportunity for American character actor Damon Stuart to get his teeth into a decent, UK made, action heavy TV show. The tough, no-nonsense Captain Sterling Templeman, an ex-US Special Forces pilot and all round swoon-inducing beefcake, was the main agent for the secretive, multi-national law-enforcement organisation 'The Guardians'.

The supporting cast of the episode was crammed full of a variety of 'old-hands' and new up and coming talent. Jasmine Lord (with her hair dyed red) in particular, stood out. The former Rep theatre actress made the role of Detective Inspector Dawn Anderson very much her own, securing herself a place on the regular cast in future episodes. The character of the skillful police officer was an equal to that of the hard edged Captain Templeman and clever script writing allowed the 'banter' between the two light up the show.

The pairing of Arthur George (as the PM) and Dennis Waterfall (as his bodyguard) would give rise to the later comedy series "Finder" about a bumbling antiques dealer and his long suffering driver.

Rounding off the cast was the beautiful German actress, Karon Dors as Special Operative 9 and another American, Robin Andrewson, as the ruthless sniper/assassin 'Lazyeye'. Both would return as recurring characters.


All miniatures and terrain from my collection.


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