Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mad Dogs With Guns - Screamin' Wheels!

Picked up a handful of diecast 1910's - 1930's style vehicles for our Mad Dogs With Guns campaign from a recent visit to the Cavalier show. Of course these are also suitable for any games set in a similar period including Pulp Alley.

I have a huge amount of the Lledo "Days Gone" cars and trucks, but most of these are just that little bit too small for a 28mm figure, especially on a plastic slotta-base.

After a bit of research and some really useful pics on Tamsin's "Wargaming Girl" blog I decided that the old Matchbox "Models of Yesteryear" would be a better scale, despite being around the 1/43 mark. Although I understand a lot of these models can vary in size, they tend to 'look right' on the tabletop so I am more than happy with this little selection.

Jenkins the gamekeeper has generously volunteered to model the majority of these vehicles.

First up, we have Jenkins with a 1911 Model T.

Next we have a 1914 Stutz.

Next is a Packard Landaulet.

A resplendent green Benz limousine.

Another Stutz with the canopy up.

A Maxwell Roadster.

A Model T Ford van.

And another one.

A 1927 Talbot van, probably my favourite of the lot.

"Yes officer, of course it's soap in the boxes..."
A Crossley truck.

Next up is a Ford Model A van from about 1930.

A Packard Victoria. Shiny. Just as any self respecting Boss would want.

A 1911 Daimler. Also shiny.

The last two ridiculous gold plated ones were probably ash tray toppers and will definitely need a lick of paint. The rest I could maybe get away with putting straight on the table. Not ideal but when I have so many other things to paint they are hardly a priority!

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