Saturday, 20 August 2011

End of Empire.

Recently picked up a really interesting and fun set of rules from the guys at Spirit of the Game.

End of Empire is a tabletop game based in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. It is a game that may be played either with or without a referee. It is a game focused upon the actions of individual figures or characters, it is not a unit based strategic wargame.

Nominally set after 1880 and ending in 1939, End of Empire does not take place in a real time. They suggest that particular events or years act as a backdrop to each game. In the world of End of Empire, magic may exist, as does the possibility that reality itself can be rent apart by some power mad villain or some misguided and accident prone scientist. It is world where every villain worth his salt is trying to bring down the Empire (and therefore all that is 'decent' in the world) either from without or within.

The website is well worth a visit and has loads of inspirational pictures like these below -

I would heartily recommend picking up a copy of the rules - can't wait to give them a go. Now all I need is some amazing scenery...

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