Thursday, 15 May 2014

7th Voyage - Harpy Kill.

Robafett (GM) and I finally got around to playing our first game of 7th Voyage after Salute. Not having a huge amount of time, plus our whole 7th Voyage project still being a work in progress, we elected to grab what suitable terrain and figures Rob already had and try a out simple game to familiarise ourselves with the rules.

I selected 4 of Robs lovely Harpies (Aellopos, Kalaino, Ozomene, Okypete) for 80pts, whilst he selected 6 Dryads (Balanis, Karya, Morea, Nomia, Phoibe and Sose) - we used modified Amazon stats for the Dryad and armed 3 with bows and 3 with spears (of a sort) which I later came to regret as spears have a bonus against flyers! One of the spear armed warriors (Balanis) was upgraded to a Leader (1) for a total of 75pts.

The Cast:

The Dryad - 
Balanis (a young leader armed with a spear)
Karya (second to Balanis, armed with a spear)
Morea (a youngling armed with a spear)
Nomia (armed with a bow)
Phoibe (armed with a bow)
Sose (armed with a bow)

The Harpies - 

Location / Setting:

A ruined temple in the middle of a forest clearing a long time ago and far, far away...

The Game:

We join Balanis and her sisters as they slowly move out from the forest into the Sacred Grove of a ruined temple. Unbeknownst to the Dryad party, a group of foul (fowl?) and grumpy Harpy have recently taken up residence in the surrounding trees, hoping that the lure of ancient treasures in the grounds of the temple will bring unsuspecting adventurers to them.

As the Dryad sisters emerge from the treeline, two angry Harpies, Ozomene and Okypete swoop down on the shocked group, squawking insanely. Nomia, Phoibe and Sose fire their bows but to their horror the arrows seem to have little effect!

Okypete attacks the poor unprepared Morea at the edge of the group - but rather than try to kill she sinks her claws into the young Dryad and promptly proceeds to fly away, carrying the screaming Morea up and back to the Harpy lair, as is the way of Harpies. Ozomene simply launches into Phoibe but quick reactions save the Dryad from harm. Spotting the danger, Balanis orders the archers to fire upon the fleeing Okypete and this time their accurate fire brings the startled creature crashing to the ground. Unfortunately, Morea also comes crashing down with her and is knocked unconscious...

Marshalling her warrior maidens well, Balanis proves to be a competent leader as she orders Karya to join her in attacking Ozomene. The combat is swift and brutal and the feathered beast soon lays dead in front of them!

Further back in the opposite treeline, Aellopos and Kalaino hear the dying screams of their sisters and take to the air. Kalaino is first to arrive and spots the opportunity to finish off the unconscious Dryad (Morea) nearby. Aellopos is not far behind.

Once more, Balanis is quick to react - realising that Morea is unable to protect herself, she and Karya rush forward to protect their fallen sister, just as Aellopos is about to join the fray...

...Balanis and Karya both charge into attack Kalaino before she can reach her target, holding her back, jabbing with their spears...Aellopos sees her chance and swoops down onto the prone sister...but the Gods seem to be with the Dryads and somehow Aellopos fails to harm Morea!

The combat is intense but mercifully brief. Kalaino is unable to escape the fury of the angered Dryads, who are desperately trying to protect Morea. Some moments later, the Harpy lets out a scream and collapses to the ground. With Balanis calling curses after her, Aellopos decides these nymphs are too much to face and flies off towards the temple ruins to nurse her shattered ego and lament her fallen sisters...

The Dryad sisters gather. Other than a few cuts and bruises, they are all in good shape, if a little in shock and poor Morea will have one hell of a headache when she awakens!

A great little game and a good fun introduction to the rules. We kept things simple, with no 'Hero' character types or magic. I tried to play the Harpies according to some myths and hence Okypete trying to carry away one of the Dryads rather than kill her and their temptation to finish off an unconscious foe! The Harpies were strong and lethal but unfortunately (for me) the Dice Gods did not favour these evil ways and saved the Dryad sisters from a potential slaughter. Some good use of the Leader Balanis and well played Audience Appreciation tokens by Rob, plus the benefit of a few spears, turned the tide and the small Dryad group were victorious. Love it and can't wait to play more!

All figures and terrain are supplied and painted by Rob. For his take on the events check out
Alleys of Distraction

"Here the repellent harpies make their nests,

Who drove the Trojans from the Strophades
With dire announcements of the coming woe.
They have broad wings, with razor sharp talons and a human neck and face,

Clawed feet and swollen, feathered bellies; they caw
Their lamentations in the eerie trees."


GM said...

It's no wonder they lost, there were seven Dryads (Dee'ana is very hurt you left her out and sharpening her spear ready to greet you again). Although the Harpy s were vicious and could have easily wiped the floor with the Dryads it was the lack of leadership that did for them. Only able to move two up at a time they became quickly swamped by the girls who had were able to move four at a time. The real clutcher though was leaving two harpy way back in the woods were they took two turns of movement to fly in to aid by which time it was too late. Good game, lots more figures ready now look forward to the next one.

wardy-la said...

Poor Dee'ana - how could I forget that pretty little redhead at the back!