Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Doctor Who - Doctors & Companions.

Doctor Who & Companions...

A selection of Doctors and their companions over the years - filling a few gaps in the collection!

First up, the Doctor from First to most recent incarnation (not including the 'War Doctor').

The First Doctor with companions - Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Steven Taylor, Sara Kingdom (back row), Susan Foreman, Vicki, Dodo Chaplet (front row).

Ian Chesterton

Barbara Wright.
Steven Taylor

Sara Kingdom.

File:Susan Foreman.jpg
Susan Foreman.

Dodo Chaplet

The Sixth Doctor with Melanie Bush and Peri Brown.

File:Melanie Bush.jpg
Mel Bush.
The Seventh Doctor with Mel Bush and Dorothy Gale McShane, better known by her nickname Ace.

File:Ace (Doctor Who).jpg
The Eighth Doctor with Dr. Grace Holloway and Chang Lee (okay, not a companion but here he is the cheeky git).

File:Grace Holloway.jpg
Dr. Grace Holloway.
 The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

File:Rose Tyler.jpg
Rose Tyler.
And again with Rose and Jack Harkness.

Captain Jack Harkness.

Figures are by Black Tree and Crooked Dice.

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fellicity said...

These are great! Are they all pre-painted? I'd love to get my hands on some that I can paint myself.