Monday, 22 June 2015

Pulp - The Big Ship.

After having several salty seadog types painted up I realised they needed a ship to ply their trade.

Spotting the amazing 'Doreen' on the Lead Adventure Forum and another conversion at 'Sir Peters' I decided to track down the huge Playmobil cargo ship.

After an easy (and relatively cheap) find on ebay, here she is in all her glory...

The general scale is actually pretty good for 28mm with a figure on a 2p base just about fitting into the gangway.

The pilothouse / bridge is okay but obviously needs a lot of work to make it 'in scale' and usable.

I am not a particularly skilled (or brave) model maker so I doubt I will do anything anywhere near as incredible as 'Doreen' but hopefully I can make a few modifications and a splash of paint to get it looking 'ship-shape' (groan)

The large central cargo bay can be opened up and is quite deep too so all sorts of things could be placed in here - cargo, troops, or maybe a surprise dinosaur or zombie horde!

There is another opening hatch at the front (forecastle?) and room underneath.

A close up of part of the cargo hold.

 And here are her ruffian crew lined up on the cargo deck.

Captain Oscar Morley and the crew of the 'Harlan Ellison'.

Figures are from Brigade, Statuesque and Artizan.


Gordon Richards said...

Great find! Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

Simon Quinton said...

~Wow Thats a whole bunch of awesome. What a great item to pick up