Monday, 29 June 2015

La Grande Hotel - Part 1: The Grand Stone Hotel.

A while back I took the plunge and treated myself to the 4Ground 'Hotel Complex' as a Christmas present while it was on sale (trust me I didn't pay that price!) and I finally got around to building the thing.

I am pretty familiar with the 4Ground stuff already so I started off with the 'Grand Stone Hotel' building. Digging out the multitude of parts from the box it was clear this was going to be an epic job...

If you decide to purchase this beast, I would suggest having a large work area to spread out on and familiarise yourself with the parts. The instructions are fairly clear in the main but sometimes the pictures themselves are not entirely clear. I also found it was easiest to dry fit first before slopping on the glue.

Pegs and elastic bands are supplied with the two large buildings - keep hold of them for the rest as they come in useful!

Other than that, the build is reasonably instinctive. It took me a few evenings to complete the first one but once you have built one of the big hotels the second one is a doddle!

The only fiddly bits are the stairs and the windows but they all fitted well and wasn't a chore.

The completed 'Grand Stone Hotel' with its first owner The Red Queen.

As you can see, this is one large building and this is only part of it! More of this in another post.

Next up - The Stone Hotel.

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Simon Quinton said...

Awesome and useful for loads of settings as well.