Tuesday, 7 July 2015

La Grande Hotel - Part 2: The Stone Hotel.

Next up was the 'Stone Hotel'. This is essentially very similar to the 'Grand Stone Hotel' with a few variations to each floor, an archway passage, an access hatch to behind the bar and a slightly more elaborate entrance. 

The build was pretty much the same standard as the first so no real surprises...other than I realised the archway / window keystones we not actually 'stone' as the instructions showed. No bother, I quite like the wood on the main archway and I flipped the window keystones to the 'unpainted' side and they look just fine.

The entrance portico has 3 language variations for signage depending on what part of the world you want your hotel.

The grilled coal shute - it works!

The main entrance doors / portico.

The beer barrel access hatch, a nice little touch.

A quick escape route?

I won't put up and more images of the actual work in progress - I'm sure you get the picture!

Next up - the completed Hotel Complex.

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Simon Quinton said...

Nice progress mate.