Tuesday, 14 July 2015

La Grande Hotel - Part 3: La Grande Hotel!

After several evenings at the dinner table (my partner was very tolerant whilst I built my 'dolls house') with the smell of burnt mdf in the air and dirty fingers half glued together...I finally completed the full Grand Hotel Complex!

Here are some rather indulgent pictures of the completed build, with a selection of staff and guests!

Jenkins welcomes the new guest, Mister Swarmi, as Rick looks on.

A fine place for a smoke...

Bentley the chauffeur cases out the joint.

The Arched Passageway.

The Courtyard. Signore Vialli discusses his Model T (in the garage) with handyman Thompson.

Damhairn the cook stands proudly outside her 'domain'.

Felicity the maid has a freedom to roam the entire hotel.

The Coaching Stable / Garage.

The Cook House / Kitchen.

The 'Attic' Rooms.

The First Floor Rooms.

The Ground Floor Rooms.


The Bar (Ricks favourite place...)

The doorway between The Stone Hotel and The Grand Stone Hotel.

An overview of the full hotel complex.

What nefarious plans are this Trinity of Evil discussing? Jenkins pretends to be discreet...

Rick and Swarmi agree a deal.

Although almost prohibitively expensive at the normal price, in all this is a great kit and a pleasure to build. It has loads of nice internal and external detail, there are 'working' doors throughout and plenty of space for figures. It looks good and ready for the tabletop - though admittedly not particularly realistic depending on your point of view. I am sure you could 'pimp' you hotel if so inclined (as is the current fashion!) but I am a wargamer and not a diorama maker so this is perfect for me.

Now all I need to do is get it on the table for a game. With plenty of internal room I think this will be great for smaller sized adventure / skirmish games such as Doctor Who, 7TV, Pulp Alley, IHMN and Fistful of Kung Fu etc. It could also present an excellent objective for WWII games (where is that German sniper?) and anything VBCW.

Figures from Artizan and Pulp Figures.


Gordon Richards said...

That is just brilliant!

Ant Master said...

You need to gets some wallpaper up on those walls.....

Allison M. said...

Wow. That's an astonishing "dolls' house". As tabletop buildings go it's actually quite realistic though of course there are _always_ scale issues related to figure proportions etc. Most important the style is perfect and they left nothing out including kitchen, stables etc! I can picture this being used for, as you say, a myriad of uses including spies, Doctor Who, eldritch horror etc. Or just a cool murder mystery weekend if anyone games in that genre :)

Also, it might be cost prohibitive for most single gamers (and especially married ones!), but I can definitely see gaming clubs or stores investing in one of these.