Sunday, 19 February 2017

7TV2 - "Rogue Rebel" Hunting.

A 7TV2 game.

Our first adventure with the crew of the Liberated space ship.

We used the last scenario 'Located' from the Freedom Fighters Programme Guide. This pits a rebel leaders ex-crew in a race with his arch-nemesis, a Federated Security Commander (Trav) and troops in a race to his possible location.

The scenario gives a random nature to the lost rebel leaders character. Is he still the forthright fighter for justice the ships crew remember or has he gone rogue?

There is also the random element of bounty hunters thrown into the mix (as secondary objective points dotted across the forest) who are all after the rogue rebel leader too. Some are very much on the side of the rebels and will assist the Liberated crew whilst others are mercenaries in the pay of Federated Security.

The Setting / Location - 

A heavily forested and un-populated planet.

The Cast:

Bounty Hunters (Allied x2) - 

The Liberated Crew - 

Avalon (Star)
Gam (Co-Star)
Callie (Co-Star)
Jen (Co-Star)
Vill (Co-Star)

The Hunted - 

Goody or Wrong-un?

The Federated Security - 

Commander Trav
Mutoids (x2)
FedSec Leader
FedSec Troopers (x9)

Bounty Hunters (Federated Security Mercenary x2) - 

The Game - 

All is quiet in the forest. This is about to change...

The game starts with a full squad of Federated Security entering the forest near the river.

Commander Trav and his Mutoid guards arrived further up the river.

The Troopers move forward with their Squad Leader.

Commander Trav and his two Mutoid bodyguard wade through the river.

The crew of the Liberated beam down across from the FedSec contingent.

Who quickly make their way into the forest...

Commander Trav discovers something...

...but it is not friendly!

Two bounty hunters after the rebel leader appear from behind the trees and a gun battle ensues! Trav and the Mutoids easily put down the first attacker.

Deep in the woods, Callie meets up with another two friendly bounty hunters. She persuades them to assist and they venture off to find another great bounty...Commander Trav himself, the "Butcher of Calibae"!

Avalon and the others search the forest in vain.

Meanwhile, Trav and the Mutoids blast away at the other bounty hunter.

Trav moves in to finish the job.

The FedSec Leader marshals his troops...and is stunned to come across the rebel leader skulking in the bushes!

His troops are nearby and continue to search deep into the forest for the Liberated crew.

Just north of them, shots are exchanged between the second group of bounty hunters and Travs group. One of his Mutoid bodyguard bite the dust, shortly followed by the other.

One unit of FedSec are quick to find what they were looking for and bump straight into the legendary escaped criminal Avalon!

A gun battle erupts and one of the FedSec Troopers is caught by Avalons accurate fire.

Just as this fight begins, Trav takes out one of the new bounty hunters but finds himself in a spot of bother as Callie joins the fight.

Fortunately for the FedSec forces, the rebel leaders has 'turned' and throws his lot in with them! The troopers rally around him to hold off the approaching Liberated crew, who no doubt intend to remove the traitor from this equation...

With the groups now so split up and running around confused in the forest, Vill is caught alone and shot down and wounded (?) by one unit of Troopers.

Avalon and Gam move in to deal with the other unit of FedSec Troopers.

It quickly descends into brutal hand to hand and the FedSec Troopers are just out-classed.

The battle is swift and bloody!

Commander Trav fares little better than his men...without his bodyguards he becomes exposed and... excellent shot from the remaining bounty hunter takes him out of the fight!

Gam and Avalon make short work of the Troops.

Jen joins the fight and drops another. She also manages to wound the rogue rebel leader!

The remaining Troopers are pretty panicked at this point but still try to head off the approaching rebel crew. The rebel leader decides he has seen enough and begins to flee deep into the forest.

The last standing Troopers are joined by their Leader and manage to wound Avalon.

Gam belows across the forest at the terrified Troopers!

Meanwhile, the rebel leader continues to desperately run into the forest...

...he thinks he can make it as the FedSec Troopers seem to have held back the crew...

...but he does not count on a last gasp (and very accurate) shot from Callie...

...which drops him dead in his tracks!

Mission accomplished. Not how any of them really wanted it to turn out but...

The rebel crew regroup and beam back to the Liberated to make their getaway before the FedSec Troopers can get reinforcements.

An excellent game that played out really well with the random elements of the scenario.

All figures and terrain from Robafetts collection. For more eye candy and his take on the battle check out his blog Alley's of Distraction.


Gordon Richards said...

Great game...brilliant table!

wardy-la said...

Cheers Gordon. All Robs work - his 'teddy bear fur' landscape is superb and rolls up after play!