Sunday, 12 February 2017

Work in Progress - New Terrain and Scenery Bits.

I've not had a lot of progress with hobby stuff of late, especially painting and larger terrain pieces such as buildings etc. This is mainly due to lack of space and a proper work area / painting desk but hopefully this situation will improve in the near future as some work on the house finally gets under way. This will give me more room to set up a new painting station and get to work on some of the things that have been hanging around for an age...

In the meantime I have had to make do with a temporary spot at the dining table when I can!

Recently picked up a few smaller pieces of scatter terrain and other bits as below....

First up is a batch of resin pieces from TT Combat and their rather nice 'City Scenics' range. The sets include a nice mix of modern flotsam and jetsam such as rubbish bins, mattresses, armchairs, a sofa and large fridge. Casting is pretty good with very little flash etc and the sculpts are a nice addition to any modern city setting. 

Next up are a huge stack of mdf crates and boxes from Gary at Figurebitz via the Book of Face. These are excellent and fabulously cheap to boot! Gary will burn any logo (within reason) into three 'sides' of each box. Of course you can just use the three sides from another set to have the logo on every side. I of course opted for '7TV'.

He currently has two styles of boxes - general cube shaped and a long box. Here we have Frank showing us around the warehouse, albeit none too pleased at the current working conditions...

The mdf forklift is another nice bit of kit from Figurebitz. Picked up a few other things from the range including some rather tasty 'Computer Blocks' that Crooked Dice will soon be stocking.

Next up is some very versatile fencing, this time again from TT Combat.

Last up is a few more sections of 'Mill Wall' from Warbases. I bought a load of this a couple of years back, with a couple of 'Mill Gates' and immediately bought some more but never got around to putting it together. Its pretty plain and basic but potentially really useful.

Frank is from Hasslefree Miniatures.

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Gordon Richards said...

Lots of nice stuff there!