Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Pulp Alley - The Cast: "The Good Guys"

First up are a selection of "good guys" (of course this is open to interpretation...)

Captain Buzz Barclay and The High Flyers - 

"Sparks" O'Leary, Patch, "Doc" McKinnley, Sally, Buzz
Sir Alfie Harrington and Lieutenant Jack "J.C." Carter -

Sir Alfred, "J.C."

The Sky Pirates -

Dashing Adventurers and Daring Explorers -

Pulp Heroes and Heroines -

Only Captain Buzz and the gang have been written up as a Pulp Alley League so far but I now have plenty of options for other Leagues!

Figures are by Pulp Figures, Statuesque, Copplestone and Artizan. Painted by Dags, Matt Slade and myself.

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