Monday, 3 December 2018

Plup Alley - The Cast: "The Bad Guys"

Next up, some "Bad Guys".

Nothing says 'bad guy' quite like a bunch of nefarious Nazis...

Doktor Drechsler and the Legion Teufelskopf -

Mueller, Oberg, Drechsler, Moser, Lemke

Fuchs, Ehrenberg, Konrad, Leck, Graf

Schmidt, de Boor, Maus, Vetter, Juttner 
The Dark International Assassins League (D.I.A.L.) -

The Dark Arts -

At this stage only the Doktor and his troops have been written up as a League for Pulp Alley.

Figures are Pulp Figures, North Star, Copplestone, RAFM and Artizan. Painting by Dags, Matt Slade and myself.

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Simon Quinton said...

Excellent looking bad guys!