Saturday, 15 September 2012

A World Aflame.

Despite not pursuing the project as much as I had hoped, I still have an interest in A Very British Civil War and indeed anything set during the interwar period of 1918 to 1939. I have quite a collection of miniatures to suit the period from Artizan, Empress, Musketeer and Mutton Chop etc, but sadly most of these remain unpainted.

One of the rulesets I was considering was Triumph and Tragedy and with my interest still alive for the period I have just picked up the new ruleset from Osprey "A World Aflame: Interwar Wargaming Rules 1918-39". After reading a review of them by Whisperin' Al on The Wargame Shed I liked the sound of them and certainly the more relaxed tone they seem to offer. The book looks good with lots of pictures and Osprey plates and the rules seem pretty simple with lots of scope for in house additions etc. This is old school gaming at heart and they are definitely not tournament rules!

To summarise (from the Osprey website) -

About this book
Often called the ”Pulp Era”, the years between the two World Wars have seen a tremendous surge in interest among wargamers. A World Aflame captures the adventurous nature of the time period to present a fun, fast-paced set of tabletop miniatures rules that can handle the many diverse conflicts of the period, from the Chinese Civil Wars and the “Great Game” in Central Asia, to the Irish War of Independence and the bitter ideological warfare of the Russian and Spanish Civil Wars. The rules also contain options for the “Very British Civil War”. This gaming trend has sprung up in recent years, following a “what-if” scenario that has Edward VIII refusing to abdicate the throne, thrusting the country into civil war in 1938. It is a quirky, fun setting, and one that is surprisingly popular. Written by a life-long wargamer, A World Aflame focuses on the daring and heroism of battles fought in the last great era of adventure.

With my interest up again I decided it was a good time to post a couple of pics of my Musketeer WW1 / Civil War Russian infantry. I finished these chaps ages ago but never got around to posting any pictures.

Quite pleased with them but I kind of wish I had done what is now my standard bases and put them on 2ps. Doubt I will rebase them now! Not sure what I will use them for yet but I know the Zombie Master has a reasonable sized Chinese contingent for 'Back of Beyond'...

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