Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Games Workshop - Hammersmith Shop Flyer.

Following on from my previous post regarding the First Citadel Compendium and the scenario "The Legend of Kremlo the Slann", here is a scan of one of my old collection of Citadel / GW newsletters, Journals and flyers.

The original shop circa 1978.

This one is a flyer to promote the 'Grand Re-Opening' of the Hammersmith Games Workshop on Dalling Road, circa 1987. It looks like there were some excellent special offers and bargains to be had. I would have loved to get hold of the Block Mania game and how about the scenario / map set "Nightmare in Blackmarsh" for only £2.00 or "Ravening Hordes" for a quid?

 The shop has of course long since gone! More scans to follow...


Weazil the Wise said...

Forget about that stuff! I can't believe I've wasted my life on citadel miniatures and Warhammer, when I could have had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG for a mere £4.95!

wardy-la said...

LOL :)