Sunday, 9 September 2012

Strange Aeons - Hermione Peverall.

Hermione Peverall.

Hermione Peverall

The young, reckless, dilettante daughter of an American diplomat. Privately schooled in San Francisco, London and Boston, she never found much to keep her interested academically. She became a socialite, flitting between her wealthiest friends in New York, Hollywood, Paris and London and mixing with film stars and 'adventurers'. Her current beau is Joseph Chaffee, a young aviator, whom she planned to elope with until her father became wise to this and dragged her off on an extended trip across Europe.

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Allison M. said...

Hmm, I see I'm just trolling through your old posts here... I painted this Copplestone figure myself, not as a paranormal investigator but as the kind of Miss Marple type amateur detective that shows up in so much British TV. But she fits in great in the Cthulhu-verse, at least until she loses all her sanity points.