Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Asgard / Metal Magic Miniatures, TTG Catalogue and other stuff.

Some random newsletters and old catalogue stuff I found.

First up is a list of the Asgard range of 25mm figures from an old Table Top Games catalogue. I loved the 'DW' range of dwarfs and have all these in my dwarf horde!

Next are some rather uninspiring RAFM Miniatures...

Next, a weird look back in time to when Games Workshop sold 'other peoples stuff' - yep. What happened to Zlargh?

 Next is a snapshot of some Metal Magic product.

Next up will be some more Citadel Newsletter - this time the first forays into the world of Slotta-Bases!

Also, as a tempter for a later date and maybe of interest to Oldhammer fans -


Thantsants said...

Love that RAFM siege equipment - shame I missed the clearance sale!

Got a copy of the Riding - loads of great background in there. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it.

wardy-la said...

Do you still have all the buildings?