Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Citadel Newsletter January 1985.

Next up is another Citadel Newsletter which I believe is from circa 1985 showing the January releases.

In this one we have the offer to attend the Citadel Open Day (I think we have missed it...) lots of Elves (sure I have some of those) some Spaceships, a Jabberwock and a selection of War Engine crews.

Next up - more pre-slotta newsletter stuff!


Thantsants said...

Yup - got that Jabberwock, very nice mini!

The War Engine crew page has reminded me I'm still looking for the Orc with his arms at his side (first chap on the second line) to complete my monstrous Orc war machine set.

Love the Kerboom in the illustration on that page too!

wardy-la said...

Ah, yes, he is one of my fave Orc figures! He always seemed to appear a servant to some human Lord in our old games...