Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Citadel Newsletters June / August / October 1984.

This time we have some pre-slotta June releases including the Bowmen of Oreon, Harboths Black Mountain Boys (which I have quite a few of) and Groms Goblin Guard with the original Grom.

There are also some rather nice looking Chaos Hounds that I wish I had bought a few of and a selection of Nick Lunds Chronicle Black Orcs. 10 for £3.50? Yes please!

The next Newsletter is from August featuring lots of Gobbos, Half Orcs (really liked these) Ogres, Elves and some Skeletons.

Next is another Newsletter with October releases. This one included Lizardmen, Rogues & Ruffians (some of which became Foundry pirates) and a couple of Dragons.

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private wierd said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful classic newsletters, wardy-la. It is such a treat to see them and dream...