Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Strange Aeons - Dr. Amelie "Lena" von Heidingsfelder.

Dr. Lena von Heidingsfelder.

Dr. Amelie "Lena" von Heidingsfelder / "Fräulein Doktor"

Amelie, or Lena as she prefers to be known, was the youngest of four children born to Prussian Army officer and bailiff Carl Anton Heidingsfelder and his wife Lady Elspeth von Claustorch, from a minor Westphalian noble family. Studying zoology at the University of Freiburg, after a brief pursuit of an academic career, Lena's more adventurous spirit came to the fore and she travelled to Africa and South America. Initially setting with the intention of being a photographer of exotic animals, she eventually found herself becoming a seasoned adventurer. Leading safaris for the wealthy, treasure hunts for the foolhardy and expeditions into the unknown, her in depth knowledge of far away lands, dark secrets and strange cultures soon earned her the nickname 'Fräulein Doktor'Lena is (of course) an accomplished big game hunter, journalist, war correspondent, stockbroker, saboteur, spy, and adventurer.

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Simon Quinton said...

Cool background to this character. I Like it lol