Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Warbases Timber Stable Block.

I am a little bit obsessed with the host of mdf buildings available these days but I picked up one of the 'Timber Stable Blocks' from Warbases a couple of Salute shows back and never got around to making it. Not having a lot of free time at the moment and wanting something simple and distracting to do, I dug it out and spent a couple of evenings building it.

Above is the first shot after basic construction. Lots of glue and a couple of elastic bands recommended! Initially I was going to try to make the roof removable but to be honest it seemed like more work than it was worth so I just glued the roof in place.

I then took some good card and created the slate roof - it took me ages as I wanted it to look as ramshackle as possible which basically involved hundreds of little scissor cuts! In the end I was fairly pleased with the look and it definitely adds to the building.

I used two coats, one a dry-brush, of Foundry 'Charcoal / Charcoal light' for the roof and I think it was the ideal colour for slate.

I used Foundry 'Musket Stock Brown' for the woodwork and in retrospect this was probably way too dark and 'red'. The etching of the 'woodwork' still shows but the dark colour does nothing to emphasise it.

I used a mix of sand, filler and pva glue for the ground surface and then painted / dry-brushed it using Foundry 'Base Sand' colours and a light dry-brush of white to finish.

The finished building with a mix of flock and a few extra bits of 'wood' (coffee stirrers) attached around the place to give it that 'rickety' look.

I am pleased with the overall result for a couple of evenings work but that reddish brown will probably annoy me. I decided to gift this to Rob for his western town over at Streets of Inconsequence as he needs a few more secondary buildings!

Not a bad bit of kit for £6 - I am sure a better modeller than I could do much more with this...


Simon Q said...

That looks superb great job sir! I do love the laser cut kit buildings that are coming out. I saw a fantastic Police Station done by 4Ground on facebook this morning top stuff.

wardy-la said...

Thanks Simon! It is great what you can pick up in the various laser cut ranges now. This kit is pretty darn good for six quid. At the other end of the scale you have some of the lovely 4Ground pre-painted sets (though maybe not to everyones taste) and somewhere in the middle sits Sarissa. Also check out Sally 4th for some more medieval ideas and Warmill for sci-fi.