Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fantasy Miniatures Part 3. (Dwarves)


In the picture below I have tried to cram in as many of my old Dwarves as possible. There are actually some more Alternative Armies ones that somehow managed to escape the shot. No doubt down the "Crippled Dwarf Tavern" having a few pints of Bugmans Old Peculiar.

My dwarf army. A fair amount to paint then...

Left side: From the back, left we have a unit of Citadel slotta-based Norse Dwarf warriors led by a Lord of the Rings ME15 Gimli. In front of them are another unit of slotta-based Citadel. Next is yet another! Next in front is a unit of Asgard Dwarven Warriors then a final unit of Citadel slotta-based Imperial Dwarves.

Middle: First up is a mixed group of older Asgard and really old Citadel including a 'pirate' dwarf and a Grenadier figure. In front of them is another mixed unit of mainly old Citadel Dwarf thieves and a couple of Runequest Dwarves. Next is a mixed unit of crossbow armed Dwarves by Citadel, Grenadier and Asgard. In front of them is a unit of Citadel Northern Dwarves. Finally we have a unit of Bugmans Rangers.

Right: At the top is a unit from Grenadier Battle Lords. Next is a group of very early Citadel Dwarves and in front of them some more pre-slotta Northern Dwarves. Then another Asgard group and a further unit of Bugmans troops.

Along the front is the old Citadel Dwarf cannon! Next to this are Bomban Ironbeater, the Royal Armourer and Cyril Bear, the Royal Mascot, plus a wily old codger charged with looking after Cyril!

The final five are a couple of miner from Alternative Armies, a old Dwarf, an early boxed set Dwarf by Bryan Ansell (Odan Grimbeard) and a Runequest Dwarf adventurer.

The Dwarf Kings Court.

Standing proudly at the very front are the Dwarf Kings Court - (l-r back) Royal Guard Mimbrin, Corbit Shortstuff the Jester, Oran Dragonsmiter, the Queens father, Clando the Bane, Dwarf Lord of some repute, Sgt. Dimgol, the Master of the Guard. (l-r front) Quintin Limpfondle, the Queens Champion, Queen Asabelle Dragonsmiter, King Dumin Ironbeard, Fungil Wisebeard, the Sage and finally Orizad Oldrock, the Kings Champion.

Dwarf Kings Court from the 1st Citadel Compendium.

Marauder Miniatures Warrior.

Marauder Miniatures Warriors.

Ostur Okak - Standard Bearer.

Orthal Thakk - Musician.

Naldak Alyr.

Eriam Erhak.

Vonur Deft.

Whurain Bardar - Champion.

Azrid Backk.

Lord Bofthur Duerhak.

Ovgrim Gorr.

Enough with the Dwarf stuff already!

With thanks to the "STUNTIES" website!

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private wierd said...

Wow!! What a heap of pre-slotta treasures you have there! Especially the Asgard stuff. I can't wait to see them all painted up.