Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Legend of Kremlo the Slann.

The First Citadel Compendium.
I have recently been digging out some old gaming files and folders and stumbled across a long forgotten collection of old Citadel / Games Workshop flyers and newsletters from back in the day. Among other things   there is also a copy of the First Citadel Compendium in all its glory. I thought I still had it but had lost track of it so to speak and I am chuffed to be re-united with it! Apart from the wonderful old line drawings of all the Citadel figures of the time there are a few interesting articles plus the classic Warhammer scenario "The Legend of Kremlo the Slann".

Kremlo the Slann.
Thinking of Oldhammer, this would be a great one to be able to play. Along with "The Ziggurat of Doom" from the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, a scenario I loved playing and also managed to get hold of the Thorgrimm figure, this is another one of those early forays into Citadels own gaming system.

Kremlo Norse.
 Much as I would love to make this an Oldhammer project in the vein of Gaj's Lichemaster and Thansants Orcs Drift I regrettably never sent in the order form at the end of the scenario to pick up all the models on offer. I have about four Slann (a friend had roughly ten but sold them all for pence years ago!) but only ever picked one of the Norsemen, the one in the middle with the pigtails / braids. Rob seems to think this chap is female but he actually represents Sven, one of the two adoptive brothers of Kremlo.

Kremlo Slann.

I have over 100 painted Vikings now from various manufacturers, mainly Foundry, that are for my Dark Ages / Viking project so I could muster up enough to act in the place of the original Norsemen but without Kremlo himself and indeed, a substantial force of Slann this would all be wishful thinking. I have tried to bid on ebay for various Slann, the Norse beserker and Kremlo but these guys go for crazy prices now. I guess I will have to content myself with having the scenario in print and think what might have been.

Kremlo and the Skeggi.
The scenario itself tells the tale of the orphan 'BlueSpineSpick' Slann, Kremlo, who was washed up on the shores of Southern Lustria and adopted by the chieftain Harold Stoutback of the village of Skeggi. Following the death of his adoptive father and the eldest son, Kremlo finds himself the unwilling leader of the village despite the protest of two younger sons, Sven and Ben.

The Slann.
When a random attack by young Slann leaves many fishwives and some warriors slaughtered it is decided that the village must seek revenge so a small force is gathered and they set sail for Central Lustria and the ancient Slann spawning grounds of Zapotec.

The village of Skeggi.
Trouble is, the Slann responsible are from Kremlo's own hereditary tribe and on top of this Sven and Ben are secretly plotting to kill Kremlo and take over the Chieftainship. Kremlo led the warriors to Zapotec - what happened there is unknown. None of those on the boat were ever seen again...

A map of the lands of Zapotec

The scenario featured extra rules for alcoholism and a special offer sheet for all the models needed to play - 98 figures for £40.00!!

Extra rules and the Slann offer sheet!

I am scanning lots of the old Citadel newsletters and might post these at some point for interest and posterity!


Thantsants said...

What a nice find! Shame in a way, as you say its another of those scenarios where you need 70+ Slaan to play it.

I may be able to help a little though, having a couple of the Norse minis up for trade at the moment - http://bloodforum.treps.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=76

We had a bit of a discussion on the BLOOD forum about getting together as Oldhammerers to muster enough Slann, villagers and original character models to play through the Magnificent Sven scenario - would be great if we pulled it off.

My own way round the prohibitive nature of procuring enough Slaan is to make up my own scenarios to follow on the stories from this, Magnificent Sven and the Temple of Rigg but in a more skirmish game style.

Best of luck if you do attempt this Herculean task :)

Oh and I thought Ben was a girl too!

Bruno Galice said...

I'm also trying to have this scenario played with the original miniatures but I do encounter the same problem as we all do : I need more slaans and they are to expensive on ebay...