Friday, 21 October 2011

Ars Magica - The Covenant of Sirius (Covenfolk & Grogs)

The Covenant of Sirius - Autumn 1222 (Grogs)


Brother Owen           (Itinerant Preacher)
Margaret                 (Autocrat & Steward of Sirius / educated, attractive woman)
Nasir                      (Iberian Moor / Nobleman)
Anseau                   (French Knight / pious / good reputation)
Thibaut                   (Rogue / daring / avaricious / sociable)
Lucien                    (Storyteller / Bard / Sidhe blood)
Kurt                       (Bookbinder / Librarian / Scribe)
Paul                       (Ropemaker)
John                       (Farmer / Husband of Alice)
Alice                       (Farmer / Wife of John / Head Cook)
Jake                       (Young son of John & Alice / has small horns / 8yrs old)
Harland                   (Farmer / Husband of Katherine)
Katherine                (Farmer / Wife of Harland)
Bartholomew            (Farmer / Husband of Isabella)
Isabella                   (Farmer / Wife of Bartholomew / Ale Wife)
Gilburt                    (Farmer / Eldest son of Bartholomew & Isabella / 17yrs old)
Geoffrey                  (Son of Bartholomew & Isabella / 15yrs old / wants to join Turb)
Beatrice                  (Eldest daughter of Bartholomew & Isabella / 9yrs old)
Edelina          (Youngest daughter of Bartholomew & Isabella / 6yrs old)
Gwyn                      (Drayman)
Meredith                 (Spinner / Weaver / Wife of Gwyn)
Efa                         (Daughter of Gwyn & Meredith / 8yrs old)
Pavia                      (Maid to Sarimarcus)
Angarad                  (Maid to Modestus)
James                     (Tinker / ex-thief / one ear missing)
Waldram                  (Blacksmith / missing eye / tattooed / has second sight)
Thomas                   (Charcoal Burner / reclusive hunchback / immune to fire)
Brethoc                   (Head Miner)
Gryffydd                  (Miner)
Meurig                    (Miner)

The Turb

Agnes                     (Turb Captain / female warrior / known as ‘’Nest’)
Matthew                 (Turb Sergeant / Giant blood)
Hywel                     (Turb Sergeant / ex-crusader / proud / determined / reckless)
Dafydd                    (Turb Warrior / Shield Grog / berserker)
Scully                     (Turb Warrior / ex-bandit / loyal and brave)
Baran                     (Turb Warrior / ex-bandit / can be a coward)
Abelard                   (Turb Warrior / hygiene problems / brave and competent soldier)
Osgood                   (Turb Warrior / drunkard)
Treddian                 (Turb Warrior / poor memory / carefree / tough)
Rhodri                     (Turb Warrior / Archer / wrathful / scarred face)
Dunstan                  (Turb Warrior / Scout / loner with dog companion)
Étienne                   (Turb Warrior / French ex-crusader / brave / incomprehensible)

The Graveyard

Martin                     (Turb Captain / ex-bandit) (killed by the demon Samuel)

The Lost or Missing

Samuel                   (Shield Grog of Sarimarcus) (a demon in human guise)


Ant Master said...

What edition are we running with. i have the earlier 2nd and 3rd (1992), but I think we are using a newer version?

wardy-la said...

We are using the current 5th Edition rules.