Monday, 3 October 2011

Runequest Miniatures.

Runequest Boxed Set 6: Humanoids and Aldryami.

Picked up this from ebay recently. Couldn't resist as I always wanted this set but could never get hold of them back when they were released. I managed to get Boxed Sets 1,2 and 5 but missed out on a few of the others.

Complete list (from 'Stuff of Legends') -

Box 1: Human Adventurers
Box 2: Adventurers
Box 3 (v1): Trolls and Trollkin
Box 3 (v2): Attack of the Broo
Box 4 (v1): Beastmen
Box 4 (v2): Broo
Box 4a: Broo 2
Box 5: Dragonewts
Box 6: Humans and Aldryami
Box 7 (v1): Flying Creatures
Box 7 (v2): Demons

I never got hold of the 'Trolls and Trollkin' boxed set but over the years picked up most of the figures from it. Tempted to actually start painting them now...


Ant Master said...

They need painting, especially that Duck. Interestingly I have Beastman 9, The Minotaur sitting on my desk at home, previously painted (early 80's?)but it would not require much to touch him up.

wardy-la said...

Actually realised I also have 3.Baboon with spear, 4.Baboon, 9.Minotaur and 10.Scorpion Man. He was always a favourite!
Would really love to get hold of 5.Duck with short sword. I somehow have four (yes four!) of the other Duck from Boxed Set 2...
I also have 1.-5. and 9. from the Troll set and all the Broo from Box 4a but I bought them in blister packs.
I don't even remember ever seeing the last two Box 7's.