Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lankhmar - The Boat & Crew.

The Boat.

Name: Sulaco.

The vessel is around 22'  long and 10' at its widest. It is flat bottomed and wide bellied to accommodate cargo.  The hull is skin over a wickerwork structure with a boarded base for walking on.  It is designed for sailing put can be punted or paddled in low waters. It is sea going but is more suited to coastal waters rather than deep ocean.  The boat is fairly fast unladen and can run close to the wind needing only two crew to sail.  Although square in shape the sails are sprit-rigged on two masts which can be lowered for travelling through tunnels.  A skin tarpaulin is spread over the stern for cargo protection. 

Used as a smuggling vessel, she makes short sea voyages on the Inland Sea to the Flotilla and back traversing the great salt marshes that skirt Lankhmar.  There is a wooded firebox that holds a char fire fuelled from Sparker fungi (this is a great big mushroom found near the coast.)  This is just enough for cooking and provides a low light in the caverns beneath the city. There are also two small coracles on board.

The crew includes the owner’s third son (trying to prove himself) and his uncle ,an old hand.  8 crew optimal (at sea this allows for rest periods while in the sometimes tight channels of the marsh 6 paddle, 1 steers and 1 guides) but can be managed by two in reasonable conditions.

The Crew.
Gideon (Andrew) - ex-captain

Captain Zambiq - Captain - Gideon's nephew

Princess (aka Stinker, Stishker) - dog

Jaktar (Mark) - henchman - ex 1st mate

Defoe (Paul) - Indentured servant - priest

Blab (Robert) - crew - storyteller

Jerimiah - crew - seadog

Hettion 'Muddy' Také - crew - mudhopper

Tobias Lord - crew - foundling

Required skills groups:

  • Trading and marketing
  • Contacts
  • Knowledge of the marshes
  • Knowledge of the Lankhmar and Inner sea mainland coast
  • Some sea navigation
  • River / inland waterway navigation
  • Sailing (the theory and practice of using sails to catch the wind) can specialise in sail types
  • Ship's crew (how a ship runs, the equipment and its work and maintenance usually for larger ships where there is a sharp distinction between officer and crew)

Useful skills:

  • Self protection (combat skills of an appropriate nature)
  • Swimming (not required)
  • Marsh / fenland natural science (animals and plants legends and lore)
  • Sea /ocean natural science (seas inhabitants legend and lore)
  • Guild associations (smugglers, traders, transporters etc)
  • Wound treatment and simple medical knowledge
  • Sail or other tools maintenance
  • Carpentry and device crafting (changes, repairs to vessel)
  • Leather worker

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