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Lankhmar - The Red Sail.

Date: Day of the Fox. The month of the Murderer's Moon in the Summer season of the Year of the Feathered Death in the Era of Heat:
  • On a standard trip, notice a Red Sail in the distance that appears to have been following us.
  • Loose the Red sail after crossing the Risings (a series of sand banks off the north coast) and travelling on the shore side westward.
  • See a blue sail seaward of the Risings and note its strange behaviour
  • Watch it heading for the Snatch - an obvious channel but one the Sulaco know have a hidden menace. The Risings Teeth are a series of jagged outcrops that at all but very low tide remain below the surface of the sea.
  • Another mast is spotted someway behind and much further out to sea.
  • The blue sailed boats people seem to be waving at something beyond them to seaward.  Blab uses a spyglass and says a sea monster but no-one else believes him. 
  • After some debate amongst the crew it seems they are to rescue the crew..or the cargo...or just the rich looking woman 'passenger'.
  • The ship hits the Teeth and is impaled tipping to the side and throwing some of its crew into the water.  Some are obviously hurt other swim toward the sand bank ignoring their fellows
  • The Sulaco drops sail within bow distance of and Gideon sends Jaktar off in a coracle (one of two on board) to 'rescue the woman'.
  • Meanwhile the ship listing dangerously the crew have managed to get a small boat into the water and the two rich looking passengers, the (looks like) Captain and three crew board and head further into the Snatch and toward the Sulaco.
  • A great Sand Shark emerges and starts up the bank chasing a group of crewmen who had made it ashore.   
  • Jaktar starts to pick up struggling crewmen.
  • The small boat makes it to the Sulaco and its occupants taken on board.
  • The coracle also makes it back on board with two more survivors.
Between sessions
  • The Sulaco takes the survivors on to Mucking Beach, their own destination for the day
  • Local fishermen having seen the events from afar (they were on route to the shelling beaches that form part of the Risings) sail to aid and rescue another three crew but the rest are lost to sea and sharks. The crew had numbered seventeen.
  • At Mucking Beach the Sulaco crew meet Muddy and take stock.  It's now late evening and this is a safe place to moor through the night.
The Survivors
Captain Jekcrow Cadamar, his 1st mate Hashshid and two crew: Yasmeed Florence and Trish Kazzir where on the boat along with the two passengers Hal'adziir Ral Brra'habin "call me Ral, everyone does" and his beautiful assistant and body servant Yelmeer Has'si'yam.  Pilot Yural Gates and the ships boy Yin Cooo where picked by Jaktar in his coracle. The fishermen picked up 2nd mate Preen Huk'Haboon, crewwoman Hildar Sheen and crewman Yarablin Yaka.
Ral seems to be a very well off merchant carrying guild drafts worth a considerable amount of money one of which he writes off to Zambriq his saviour.  He also begs passage to Three Bridges for him and his assistant.
Local Known Knowledge
Three Bridges is two days run by boat (especially one that does not want to pass too near the Great Marsh Road where it would be visible to guild patrols).  Two Days is the nearest port of call but is frequented by guild boats and is still over a day's boat ride from Three Bridges and a day's ride (Two Days is the coaching stop two days out of Lankhmar, Three Bridges one day out) away.  Hec's Landing is a day's sailing away, a known safe stop and a half days sailing from Three Bridges but better it is only a short distance from The Great Marsh Road and a good wagon could make Three Bridges overnight by early morning.  The Sulaco has a drop off in Three Bridges and so must go there but Ral seems to be in a hurry, says he has an appointment on Crabday which is the day after tomorrow.

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