Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lankhmar - Day at Mucking Beach.

Date: Day of the Fox. The month of the Murderer's Moon in the Summer season of the Year of the Feathered Death in the Era of Heat:   

Evening at Mucking Beach.
  • Muddy rejoins the crew bringing the smell of the marsh.
  • Crew speak to the captain about what happened - attacked by three Sand Sharks, he used the term 'herded' toward the sand banks, he thought he'd made it clear when he saw the channel (The Snatch).  Says he was sailing on a commission for the Shahdra (a type of eastern lord often a city or town head) of Hazkaa in the Empire of Horborixen
    • Horborixen Empire Fans out from the City State of Horboxien and hugs the coast from Ilthar to 300-400 hundred miles further south.  It is one of the more powerful and rich of the Eastern States monopolising the trade and berths for such a distance.  Ilthra is still an independent City State and is its biggest mercantile rival on that coast.
  • Ral offers two months (he is not aware it is so much you feel) in guild drafts to get him and his 'assistant' to Three Bridges by Crab day.
  • Blab says the drafts are the real thing and is confident he can get at least 70% of their face value about a month or more normal profit.
  • The crew agree they can get Ral to Hec's landing and arrange over-night travel to Three Bridges but the end of Badger Day. If he makes his deal then they are welcome to meet him at Clear Water Court in Lankhmar for hospitality and further reward.
  • Defoe blesses the boat and crew after a philosophical debate on the nature of 'prayer is not magic'. 
  • Gideon tells Jaktar to keep a watch on the two 'passengers'.
  • Jaktar spends the evening watching the couple and evens tries without success to engage Yelmeer in conversation but she is polite but immune to his charm.  He sees a lord and his body servant, both pleasant practical people holding up under miss fortune but also not overly worried or guarded.  Beyond looking at their scrolls which are carried in three wax sealed tubes they do nothing unusual.
  • Blab plays on the beach with the dog.
  • Latter in the evening Blab forms an entertainment from the events which earns him a smile from Yelmeer.
  • A friendly card games closes the evening.
Date: Day of the Badger. The month of the Murderer's Moon in the Summer season of the Year of the Feathered Death in the Era of Heat:   
Morning at Mucking Beach.
  • Muddy reports that the Promontory watch on Sentinel Tower saw a blue sailed boat (Blab suddenly remembers seeing this last night and puts his two pen'th in) heading up Rickar Creek toward Two Days.
  • All embark for Hec's Landing.
  • An uneventful trip finds the Sulaco in Hec's Landing late that evening.
Evening at Hec's landing.

  • Muddy and Jaktar take the passengers and help arrange transport for them to Three Bridges.
  • The night passes uneventfully.
Date: Day of the Crab. The month of the Murderer's Moon in the Summer season of the Year of the Feathered Death in the Era of Heat:
  • The Sulaco leaves Hec's Landing
  • A Red sail is spotted in the distance but Muddy guides the boat well away from its path and they soon lose it however it adds to the travel time and they arrive in Three Bridges very late.

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